Dr Claire Trant FRSA
CEO & Co-Founder
Global acquisition & technology licensing strategy for UK wastewater firm
PhD in commercial aerospace with Rolls Royce
Dr Navid Aslani
Engineering Lead
Scientist at Diamond Light Source, UK National Synchrotron
Visiting Mechatronics Academic at University of Strathclyde
Jake Sims
Operations Lead
Previously worked in Operations and Sales for SUPPER, Slerp and City Pantry
Dr Mina Mohaghegh
Science Lead
‍PhD in Molecular Biology at The University of Sheffield
Nicholas Hitchins
Product Lead
13 years of experience in medical devices and in-vitro diagnostics (IVD) including multiple PCR based products.
Fatima Tahir MSc
Masters in Genetics at UCL
Prasad Joshi
Design Engineer
Previously worked as Healthcare Designer and Founder
Esraa Al-khatip MSc
Mechatronics Engineer
Mechatronics at Xihelm
MSc in Biomedical & Medical Engineering from University of Southampton
Freddy Myers
Hardware Engineer
‍BSc Physics at University of Bristol
Dr Jay Bullen MRSC CChem
Co-Founder & Advisor
Developed water contaminant detection hardware
PhD in water technology from Imperial College London